doing the impossible

Innovation Workshop

To a magician, "nothing is impossible," and at the end of this workshop, your team members will actually be doing the impossible.

By teaching this mindset, Seth has helped groups like the Disney Consumer Electronics team, executives from Hallmark and Bank of America all discover incredible solutions to their most pressing problems. With your team, we'll tackle your biggest problems including:

  • beating impossible deadlines
  • designing new products
  • uncovering hidden inhibiting assumptions
  • identifying new markets
  • providing wonder to clients and employees

This course looks at the methods magicians use to achieve seemingly impossible things, and how Seth Raphael has applied these techniques to design new technology. This session inspires creativity, and explains the importance of Wonder. It teaches how to deconstruct assumptions in order to come up with new ideas, and how to reframe, re-design, and mis-appropriate technology in a way that it is meaningful to individuals and their day-to-day experiences.

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