how to do almost anything

Ideas to Reality in Hours

Modeled after the MIT course "How to Make Almost Anything," this workshop introduces tools, techniques, and the mindset needed to create a rapid-fire turnaround from crazy new ideas to working prototypes in hours.

In this workshop, your team will learn the tools they need to build the things they've been dreaming of. We'll brainstorm revolutionary new ideas and concepts, and then take them all the way to reality using the newest software and hardware from MIT.

Participants are taught new software tools, given cutting-edge prototyping toolkits, craft materials, structured "play time." The end result is a suite of working prototypes, new ideas, and the skills, tools, and confidence to attack any design problem.

no experience necessary!

People from any department will be:
  • creating rich-media software prototypes
  • designing interactive human experiences
  • programming micro-controllers
  • delivering a fully functional compelling story along with a finished prototype!

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