July 11th, 7:15 PM
Hollywood Theater
General Admission: $10
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Internationally lauded Portland magician, Seth Raphael, will perform his mind-boggling show "The Online Magician" one night only at the Hollywood Theater on July 11th at 7:15 pm. Performing as MagicSeth, he will be showcasing his cutting-edge magic act that has taken him around the globe twice. With a Masters degree from MIT, this is not your everyday magician. This is a rare public appearance from someone who usually performs for the presidents of companies like Disney and Google. The show is general admission and tickets cost $10.

MagicSeth's groundbreaking magic features a psychic website, a card trick done over instant messenger, and a time machine. His performance pushes the boundaries of magic and technology, discarding the silk handkerchiefs of his predecessors and embracing the machines that fill our daily life.

This show will thrust you into a future where computers can read minds, reality is malleable, and many of your beliefs are shattered. The show is appropriate for all ages, but will be most appreciated by those who search Google or use a cell phone.

Seth travels around the world using his performance to inspire companies to reimagine how their own technology can be used to astound and create wonder. He was recently awarded a professional grant from the RACC. His next international engagement will be at the famous TED Conference in Oxford, where he will be awarded a prestigious TEDGlobal Fellowship.

For more information on TED Conferences or the TED Fellows Program, visit: http://blog.ted.com/2009/05/ted_fellows_video.php

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