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The Book Test

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A new chapter in mentalism.

I literally rewrote the book on booktests. As debuted on Fool Us, Jeff McBride called it "The best piece of mind reading over Zoom I've ever seen".

My Secrets Revealed

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This is completely original mindreading, unlike anything ever before it. It's like having a camera inside someone's brain.

“The most amazing trick I experienced in 2017" - Andy (

“The thinking behind it is unique and uncomplicated and well worth the investment." - Lee Earle

A Fucking Good Magic Trick

Only for professionals

Know which object a spectator chooses while a million miles away.

Hi tech and limited availability to maintain exclusivity.

A Fucking Good Peek

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This is the only peek I use

You never look at the cards

You can peek 10 billets in 10 seconds, while keeping eye-contact

Facade AKA MagicMask


Turn your webcam in to the perfect switching device.

Zoom magic at it most high-tech.

Available for Windows and Mac.